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The A.G.M.  brand  produces the intoxicating Urban Genre of "Street Novels".Synergizing environment with fictional and non-fictional characters, who are  masterfully woven into a phenomenal storyline, enticing scores of loyal readers who yearn for more .

C.E.O.Ashton G. Mendez

A.G.M Publishing Empire was founded in 2008 by Ashton G. Mendez after major publishing houses rejected his manuscripts which he submitted while incarcerated.Since then the "street general" has emerged to assume his rightful position as Kinpen of the gritty urban book industry. A title which had remained vacant ever since the Great Donald Goines died.                                                                               

As an authentic writer and self- publisher of the urban experience.Ashton G. Mendez has Twenty -Two titles solely written to his credit providing him worldwide recognition, rocketing him upward towards the top of the industry.Breaking The Cycle A Brooklyn Tale had 10,000 successful downloads within the first 16 hours of its initial release.


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Breaking The Cycle a Brookyn Tale Plot:

Breaking The Cycle A Brooklyn Tale


Written by Ashton Mendez · 
This urban tale is about Stepper a self made urban millionaire who is both cunning and ruthless.A dealer in death,mayhem and chaos who has a strong appetite for Money,Power,Respect and sexual conquests.When it appeared as if life could get no sweeter he is blindsided by Winsome a force of nature like no other he had ever encountered.This book is guaranteed to captivate you from beginning to end,with graphic details,witty dialogue and heart racing sex scenes.

Breaking The Cycle A Brooklyn Tale

Urban Experience novel

Major Figure


A.G.M the writer

Ashton G. Mendez's ability to transform himself from a notorious street figure to  self Publishing C.E.O demonstrate that determination,tenacity and a proper plan,shatters the myths of recivicism and charters the way to unlimited success